Sunday, November 18, 2012

Baby Shower Time!

Almost 8 months along and even though I've been extremely blessed to have had such an amazing pregnancy thus far, I'm ready for Miss Brianna to be here! Of course, she needs to bake as long as possible, but I'm ready to see her sweet face. It's definitely going to be a whole different ballgame with her here!

I had my first baby shower on November 3 in Knoxville with my dad's side of the family and had a blast! My cousin, Sarah, hosted at her apartment with the awesome help from her mom, Sharon, and sister, Elaine. I felt like the shower itself would never come because I was over anticipating! I was so excited that it seemed forever away! My mom, sister, Mimi, and Grandmother came as well and we had a good turnout! We enjoyed yummy food and homemade cupcakes made by the hostess herself! We also played a few games like "Guess her Girth" where you look at my belly and cut off ribbon according to your judgement. Then, Sarah would take your ribbon and wrap it around my belly and whoever got the closest without a lot of excess ribbon won! I wasn't as big as I thought! ;-) We received a lot of neat things for Brianna and definitely got a good start on everything!

Playing "Guess her Girth" and somebody went WAY over! But that's ok. It made me feel better about myself! Haha

Sarah's yummy homemade cupcakes!

Our next baby shower was November 10 at White Oak Baptist in Red Bank, TN. We had a bigger crowd this go around since it was my mom's side of the family and friends! My mom did a great deal of planning, cooking, and decorating with the help of my brother, myself, Paige, Mimi, and my sister. We had a fall themed shower with fall colors, leaves and pumpkins and of course, pink! 

This was one of the centerpieces for the tables!

We received a lot of great stuff and are very blessed with the family and friends we have. Lauren was in charge of the games and since we had a lot of people, we didn't do anything individually. We guessed how many jelly beans were in a great big baby bottle and guess who won? Michael. Out of all the people there...Mom did an amazing job on the food and almost everything was homemade! I love my momma's cooking! We had homemade chicken salad on croissants, breakfast casserole, bbq weenies, rotel and chips and more! I could eat shower food everyday for the rest of my life!

 My mom, me, Paige, and Lauren.

My 91 year old Grandmother "hiding" from everyone. She is too funny!

My dad, me, Michael, and my mom.

Now that the baby showers have come and gone, we have Thanksgiving to get through, then Christmas, and then Miss Brianna's arrival! Everything as gone so smoothly and I love my family and friends very dearly for helping me through this process and being there for me when I've needed them!

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